Little Manhattan (2005) Review

Little Manhattan is a 2005 American romantic comedy film directed by Mark Levin and written by Jennifer Flackett, starring Josh Hutcherson and Charlie Ray. It is set in Manhattan, and follows a ten-year-old boy as he experiences his first love.

Gabe, an adventurous young boy, lives in Manhattan with his parents who are on the verge of divorcing. Gabe spends most of his free time exploring the city on his scooter. His daily exploits are followed and encouraged by the friendly concierge at his building.

Gabe encounters Rosemary, an 11-year-old classmate whom he's known since kindergarten, in a self-defense class. After being partnered with her for sparring, he suddenly notices her as a girl, not another face.

To Gabe's elation, they begin spending time together and he is completely enamored with not only her, but her life. Rosemary lives with her loving upper-class parents on the edge of Central Park.

One day, Gabe takes Rosemary on a tour through Central Park, and another day they venture across the city for fun and try to inspect an apartment for rent, worrying Gabe's nervous parents. Rosemary's parents take them to hear a jazz pianist at The Carlyle, where the young twosome finally hold hands.

After the show, Rosemary's parents tell them to say goodnight and her parents go to get milk. After they walk off, Gabe and Rosemary begin talking, and he interrupts her by kissing her.

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